teb_markers do not show footprint in rviz [closed]

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according to this tutorial and this FAQ one can visualize the robots footprint defined via the teb_local_planner's parameters by activating the teb markers in rviz.

I set the following parameters to define my footprint:

 footprint_model: # types: "point", "circular", "two_circles", "line", "polygon"
   type: "line"
   radius: 0.2 # for type "circular"
   line_start: [0.0, 0.0] # for type "line"
   line_end: [1.8, 0.0] # for type "line"
   front_offset: 0.2 # for type "two_circles"
   front_radius: 0.2 # for type "two_circles"
   rear_offset: 0.2 # for type "two_circles"
   rear_radius: 0.2 # for type "two_circles"
   vertices: [[-0.8, 0.77],[2.65, 0.77], [2.65, -0.77], [-0.8, -0.77]] # for type "polygon" 

    min_obstacle_dist: 1 # This value must also include our robot's expansion, since footprint_model is set to "line".

According to 2.3 of the tutorial it should look like a rectangle with a semicircle on each end.

But when I activate ~<name>/teb_markers in rviz, I don't get any foodprint shown. I can activate the local_costmap/footprint topic to see the footprint defined in the costmap common params, but as expected this just shows me a rectangular footprint, like I defined there:

footprint: [[-0.8, 0.77],[2.65, 0.77], [2.65, -0.77], [-0.8, -0.77]]

Here's a screenshot of my rviz gui: https://www.dropbox.com/s/84cfnlflrds...

I'm using the costmap converter, which also publishes on the topic ~ <name>/teb_markers. Unlike the footprint of the robot I can see the lines created by the converter: https://www.dropbox.com/s/thgs4qpst5r...</name>

Did I understand the tutorial wrong and it's only possible to visualize the footprint defined via the common costmap parameters or do I miss some additional parameter/setting?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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Ok, I found the answer to my question: my assumption that the footprint will be shown as a rectangle with a semicircle on each end was wrong. Instead, the footprint is just shown as a line, which is visible in my screenshots

littlelordy gravatar image littlelordy  ( 2017-06-21 07:02:45 -0500 )edit