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I am trying to use navfn library to estimate a path on a cost map on a defined start index and goal index. I have found that that navfn is not outputting correct. It is outputing incorrect path output. The first index of the path is too big number. Test occupancy grid is available as txt file. The cost of path is presented as number of intermediated interpolated nodes. Cost is not computed and outputted as euclidean cell-distance between two cells (start cell and goal cell) of the input costmap nor the output is distance as actual metrical distance.

In order to test the navfn code with test data, the navfn code, downloaded from the git, has been modified. main function in navfn_node.cpp has been modified to accomodate the reading of costmap from a file and calling for computation of a path. The modifed code is available at this link. The modification in code (navfn_Node.cpp) is similar to NavfnROS implementation to setup the navfn for path computation. I request someone to help out in finding the bug.

Is there any other good implementation of Dijkastra or A* which is cpp. Navfn implementation is difficult to debug. Also the intution behind number of iterations of cost-propogation part of algorithm implementation are not clear.

Thanks in advance

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