Set parameters from carmen log file

asked 2017-05-07 08:04:48 -0600

mitaka gravatar image

I have a CARMEN log file which I need to convert to rosbag, and I have to write a C++ program to do that. The file contents some parameters in given form:

PARAM robot_acceleration 0.1

(the line also includes timestamp and whatever, but that doesn't matter here).

I am really not sure whether I need to do anything with those, but if I do, how do I do that? I know that I can set parameters with ros::param::set(); however, I don't understand how should I name my parameters: I could always go with just robot_acceleration (first word, parameter name), but then it would be global, and I probably don't want that.

So, to people who actually understand how CARMEN log files and rosbags and everything work: do I need to set those parameters (I can't just drop them, right?) and if so, how do I name them, do I use ros::param::set() or something else?

(re: why I don't understand anything about CARMEN and/or ros. My only assignment is to convert logs to rosbags, I have no prior experience working with both those tools. I have been reading the docs but didn't manage to find the answer)

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