Some problems of conversion xacro to urdf (Mastering ROS Chapter 2) [closed]

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I'm reading the book《mastering ros robotics programming》,and in chapter 2 I'm meeting some problems when I try to convert the xacro file to urdf file in the demo "seven_dof_arm".

My system is Ubuntu 16.04 & Ros Kinetic.

The xacro file and it's incluing sensor file are downloaded from

When I run the command" rosrun xacro seven_dof_arm.xacro > seven_dof_arm.urdf ",

the terminal shows:

xacro: Traditional processing is deprecated. Switch to --inorder processing! To check for compatibility of your document, use option --check-order. For more infos, see inconsistent namespace redefinitions for xmlns:xacro: old: new: (/home/dd/catkin_workspace/src/mastering_ros_robot_description_pkg/urdf/sensors/xtion_pro_live.urdf.xacro) deprecated: xacro tags should be prepended with 'xacro' xml namespace. Use the following script to fix incorrect usage: find . -iname "*.xacro" | xargs sed -i 's#<([/]\?)(if\|unless\|include\|arg\|property\|macro\|insert_block)#<\1xacro:\2#g' when processing file: seven_dof_arm.xacro

unknown macro name: xacro:base XacroException(u'unknown macro name: xacro:base',) when processing file: seven_dof_arm.xacro

Can anyone help me ? Thanks.

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