The Eigen3 library can not compute the eigenvectors together with the eigenvalues

asked 2017-04-17 03:06:44 -0500

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updated 2017-04-17 03:13:45 -0500

Hi!, I'm using ubuntu 16.04 and ROS-Kinetic branches,

I have cloned elevation mapping package from .

The problem is when I launching the elevation mapping packages at first I get some fused elevation mapping data then after sometimes I get an exception error from the Egien3 library which says:

elevation_mapping: /usr/include/eigen3/Eigen/src/Eigenvalues/EigenSolver.h:347: Eigen::EigenSolver<_MatrixType>::EigenvectorsType Eigen::EigenSolver<_MatrixType>::eigenvectors() const [with _MatrixType = Eigen::Matrix<double, 2,="" 2="">; Eigen::EigenSolver<_MatrixType>::EigenvectorsType = Eigen::Matrix<std::complex<double>, 2, 2>; typename Eigen::NumTraits<typename derived::scalar="">::Real = double]: Assertion `m_eigenvectorsOk && "The eigenvectors have not been computed together with the eigenvalues."' failed.

And It crashes.

Is there any way to fix this problem?

I'll appreciate any help.

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Is there anything else in the error message? Do you know where in elevation_mapping the error is coming from?

Airuno2L gravatar image Airuno2L  ( 2017-04-17 09:04:20 -0500 )edit

No, actually I'm on it and when finding it out I'll let you know. But what I know is it refers to "347" lines of the EigenSolver header which relates to ComplexScalar() function.

DT gravatar image DT  ( 2017-04-17 09:24:58 -0500 )edit

I've found it! It comes from line 276 of the ElevationMap.cpp in elevation_mapping. I have tried it with try & catch but It doesn't work.

DT gravatar image DT  ( 2017-04-18 02:13:09 -0500 )edit

this is the line which causes the error and crash; const double ellipseRotation(atan2(solver.eigenvectors().col(maxEigenvalueIndex).real()(1), solver.eigenvectors().col(maxEigenvalueIndex).real()(0)));

DT gravatar image DT  ( 2017-04-18 02:13:49 -0500 )edit

I don't know the code but when I set the default parameters 1,0 permanent the error disappear.

DT gravatar image DT  ( 2017-04-18 05:46:06 -0500 )edit

I've also posted this Issue here But got no answer.

DT gravatar image DT  ( 2017-04-18 08:23:53 -0500 )edit

are you sure you don't have any "false" flag set in your code? I'm not sure where but in mine code Eigen::EigenSolver<matrixxd> es(matrixname, false); <-- "false" was the reason

tomek3001 gravatar image tomek3001  ( 2020-02-17 09:40:52 -0500 )edit