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Best practice for creating new frame names?

asked 2017-03-31 20:47:20 -0500

Cerin gravatar image

I have a simple two-wheeled platform, and I'm trying to publish ultrasonic range data via the standard range message type.

This message type requires a header with a frame_id. The sensors are attached to the part of the robot considered the "/base_link" frame. Should I use that as the frame, or should I create separate frames for each sensor to denote each sensor's unique position? If so, how should I name these? Should it be "/base_link/ultrasonic1" or just "/ultrasonic1"?

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answered 2017-03-31 21:09:38 -0500

ahendrix gravatar image

The frame IDs for sensors represent the coordinate frame origin for readings from that sensor, and most sensors report readings relative to the center of their transducer or other sensing element. Unless your sensor is mounted at exactly the same position as base_link, you should define a new frame for each sensor.

The frame naming is up to you, but most systems will use names like /ultrasonic1.

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