How can I change my frame rate parameters in Softkinetic camera

asked 2017-03-29 22:05:28 -0500

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 <?xml version="1.0"?>
  2 <!-- 
  3 Default launch file to run two softkinetic cameras simultaneously. 
  4 Analogously, an arbitrary number of camaras can be started. 
  5 The arguments given are the device indices of the cameras determined by the DepthSense deamon.   
  6 -->
  7 <launch>
  8     <node name="softkinetic_left" pkg="softkinetic_camera" type="softkinetic_bringup_node" args="0" output="scr    een" >
  9         <param name="camera_link" type="string" value="softkinetic_left_link" />
 10         <param name="confidence_threshold" type="int" value="150" />
 11         <param name="use_radius_outlier_filter" type="bool" value="false" />
 12         <param name="search_radius" type="double" value="0.05" />
 13         <param name="min_neighbours" type="int" value="50" />
 14         <param name="depth_frame_rate" type="int" value="25" />
 15         <param name="color_frame_rate" type="int" value="30" />
 16     </node>
 17     <node name="softkinetic_right" pkg="softkinetic_camera" type="softkinetic_bringup_node" args="1" output="sc    reen">
 18         <param name="camera_link" type="string" value="softkinetic_right_link" />
 19         <param name="confidence_threshold" type="int" value="150" />
 20         <param name="use_radius_outlier_filter" type="bool" value="false" />
 21         <param name="search_radius" type="double" value="0.05" />
 22         <param name="min_neighbours" type="int" value="50" />
 23         </node>
 24 </launch>

This is my launch file and under "softkinetic_left", I have updated the depth_Frame_rate and color_frame_rate. After launching, the rosparam fetches these numbers, still my ristopic Hz shows that the frame rate is 5Hz.

How do I set my frame rate for depth and RGB images?

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Can you get those framerates outside of ros using a standalone softkinetic viewer program and all the same parameters?

lucasw gravatar image lucasw  ( 2017-03-30 08:01:38 -0500 )edit