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Is there anyone built a successful rosserial-android demo based on Adam Stambler APIs in Android Studio?

asked 2017-03-27 04:20:12 -0500

Zorcs gravatar image

I'm following Adam Stambler APIs to built my demo of rosserial-android in Android Studio, but here comes a lots of mistakes in classes. I'm wonder maybe there're some configuration missing (even mistakes), or the APIs is too old to follow? I configured my project settings with the guiding: .

I'm new to ros and rosserial android. Help, guys! Any suggestions would welcome!

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-04-13 05:53:03 -0500

Zorcs gravatar image

updated 2017-04-13 05:56:06 -0500

Since the official API is too old to follow, and fortunately there's come a more better way in Android to transport messages with the good support of android_core in rosjava, so it's time that you should quit this way to make a try in rosjava. And fortunately there's also a good way to make it work that just transport messages in your application without a support of the ros-environment, help this can help the beginners like me to build theirs applications. Good luck! Myself's question for build your first ros-android pubsub demo maybe can help you!

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