How to reconnect rocon_hub to rocon_gateway?

asked 2017-03-08 05:42:29 -0600

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Hi there, I want to set up a multimaster environment with the rocon package. Following situation: I run the hub on the "Server". I run a gateway on each, the Server and the Client. (I tried both, zeroconf and dircet connection, same behavior). I flip topics and services (eg. a topic running on the server, to echo on the Client and a service from the Client to the Server). If I disconnect the Client (by simply pulling out the ethernet cable) the topic cannot be echod any longer (as expected). After replugging the echo continues and if I call the service on the server it works fine. The Hub gives the Warning: [WARN] [Walltime: xx.xx] Hub Watcher: gateway ClientGWxxhashxx has been unavailable for 30 secondes! Marking as unavailable. If I run $rosrun rocon_gateway remote_gateway_info on the Client the Server gateway is alive. If I run $rosrun rocon_gateway remote_gateway_info on the Server the Client gateway is not alive.

The problem now is, that I cannot flip new topics and services. (Do the ones who have been flipped earlier stillt work, becuase a p2p connection is already established?)

Is there a way to restart the hub? Or the restart the gateway? But I think of the unique hash name of the gateway this would be more difficult. I would appreciate any other way to reastablish the connection!

Thank you very much!

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