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catkin_create_android_project error

asked 2017-03-02 16:09:49 -0600

RandyD gravatar image

I'm having some issue to create android packages for my stack.

Recently i had been playing with android apps for ROS and it worked fine. As i reinstalled ubuntu yesterday, i fully reinstalled all packages - ros-kinetic-desktop-full deb package - android studio - rosjava from source - android_core from source

in my catkin_ws/src i execute the following commands

catkin_create_android_pkg p1_remote android_core rosjava_core std_msgs
catkin_create_android_project -t 25 -p lan.robonet.p1_remote.remote remote

Which results into:

~/Workspaces/ros/arduino_p1/src/p1_remote$ catkin_create_android_project -t 25 -p lan.robonet.p1_remote.remote remote

Creating android project 
  Name      : remote
  Target Ver: 25
  Java Name : lan.robonet.p1_remote.remote
  Activity  : Remote

Command: ['android', 'create', 'project', '-n', 'remote', '-p', '/home/randy/Workspaces/ros/arduino_p1/src/p1_remote/remote', '-k', 'lan.robonet.p1_remote.remote', '-t', 'android-25', '-a', 'Remote']
The android command is no longer available.
For manual SDK and AVD management, please use Android Studio.
For command-line tools, use tools/bin/sdkmanager and tools/bin/avdmanager
[error] __init__() takes at least 3 arguments (2 given) : <type 'exceptions.TypeError'>

Strange thing is that this worked before the reinstall. The only difference i see with previous install is that the Android SDK uses a newer sdk tools version.

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2 Answers

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answered 2017-03-03 03:49:10 -0600

RandyD gravatar image

Seems this is related to the android sdk tool changes.

The deprecated "android" command line tool has been removed :( So it seems i need to switch back to an older sdk-tools version or update the rosjava/android_core sources to use the new command line tools

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answered 2017-03-03 01:06:54 -0600

Waleed gravatar image

Read following link: It might be helpful

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