Rviz and use_sim_time

asked 2017-03-01 10:32:22 -0600

McMurdo gravatar image

I am running a simulation on gazebo and using rviz for visualization.

I have transforms between different frames available on the /tf topic. The time stamps are in simulated time. use_sim_time is on. Clock is published by gazebo.

Then, I publish certain visualization markers.

The problem is that if the visualization markers are in frame that is not the fixed frame in RViz, RViz tries to find the transform at the current Wall time despite the fact that 'use_sim_time' is true. This fails horribly, of course, and results in a tf extrapolation-into-the-future error. The RViz clock panel recognizes this fact and displays the time that is published on the /clock topic. However, if the marker is in the the world frame (or the fixed frame in RViz), RViz has no problems displaying them. This is expected since the TransformListener is not used.

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