Programming ROS nodes on ATSAM using ROSC

asked 2017-03-01 09:12:09 -0500

Sujith gravatar image

I am using Atmel's ARM Cortex M-4 based ATSAM4E16 microcontroller to communicate over ethernet with an Intel NUC running Ubuntu. I am able to run ROS nodes on Ubuntu easily. I am not sure how to create ROS nodes on the ATSAM to publish or subscribe to the ROS nodes running on Ubuntu. I have FreeRTOS running on the ATSAM using which I want to create ROS nodes.

The options I am considering are: 1) Use ROSC libraries to create Publishers and Subscribers and cross-compile it to run on the ATSAM. 2) Directly write code to send TCP/UDP packets to the ROS nodes running on Ubuntu in the form of ROS packets (I am not sure how to do this)

Can someone please recemmend which would be the better of the two approaches and provide guidelines to do the same? I am also open to other suggestions for accomplishing this.

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