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installing turtlebot on ubuntu

asked 2017-02-28 10:16:02 -0500

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updated 2017-03-01 00:50:49 -0500

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hi everyone I am newbie in robotics, I am trying to install turtlebot on my PC, I am on Ubuntu xenial (16.04), I have done some searches on the net before asking, it seems that it is only compatible with Ross indigo which is only supported on Ubuntu trusty (14.04), is there any way to install turtlebot on Ubuntu 16.04 using Ross indigo or kinetic (doesn't matter)? , I have heard that it is possible to install Ross indigo on Ubuntu xenial using docker, is it really possible, if yes how?


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answered 2017-03-01 11:58:51 -0500

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The TurtleBot packages are available in Kinetic on Xenial:

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