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Pose Goal as Motion Plan Request [closed]

asked 2017-01-25 16:31:34 -0500

R.Mehra gravatar image

I have gone through the moveit_msgs and I have seen the Motion Plan Request.

My question is, how can we specify a pose goal in the motion plan request? Is it possible to set a simple pose goal as shown in the moveit tutorials?

Also in the motion plan request message, there is a goal_constraints which further contains position_constraints. What is this constraint and where could it be used?

Thank you!

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answered 2017-01-26 04:13:03 -0500

v4hn gravatar image

updated 2017-01-26 04:13:50 -0500

The moveit_ros/planning_interface/move_group_interface module is usually used to generate MotionPlanRequests for simple pose goals.

If you look at its implementation here, you will see this simply creates Position and Orientation goal constraints out of the requested pose. It basically creates a small target volume (.1mm^3) out of the position to create a position constraint and adds axis tolerances of .001rad and the provided orientation as an orientation constraint.

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I just want to make sure I understand that correctly. So for example if my pose goal is at x = 0.5m, y = 0.8m and z = 0.4m, and if I am not concerned with the orientation, it will make a volume of (0.1mm^3) keeping that (x,y,z) point as the centre?

R.Mehra gravatar image R.Mehra  ( 2017-01-27 10:03:34 -0500 )edit

The moveit_ros/planning_interface/move_group_interface method that you mentioned has to be used with the kinematics_constraints package right? How can I specify the pose goal if I wish to use the service GetMotionPlan?

R.Mehra gravatar image R.Mehra  ( 2017-01-27 10:07:29 -0500 )edit

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