RVIZ: Visualize URDF model and path

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Hi everyone.

I'm quite new to ros, gazebo,...

Until now I have a running simulation of a car in Gazebo, which has been modeled using URDF. The links of the car can also be controlled over ROS-Nodes. I've also created a node which creates a nav_msgs/Path and the car follows this path.

Now my problem: I want to visualize the path (e.g a sin(x)) AND the car model in RVIZ to check the controllers performance and visualize my work.

However I can't find any way to do so.

I can visualize the path using markers (publishing visualization_msgs/markers) and I can visualize the car model. But only separately. I don't know however how to setup some kind of a coordinate transform which would allow me to see in RVIZ how my car follows the sine-curve.

I have another problem as well. When ONLY the car gets visualized in RVIZ, the moving links (the front-wheels) don't move. Although the car is driving on a sine-curve in Gazebo.

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I think it'll help if you can show us how you did things.

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2016-12-17 09:09:18 -0600 )edit