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Problems with .rosinstall when calling wstool merge

asked 2016-12-02 07:04:30 -0500

Juan gravatar image

updated 2016-12-02 07:14:59 -0500

Using Linux 14.04, ROS Indigo.

I am familiar with wstool. Just expanded my repository to better organize code:

Trying to do the traditional steps:

  • wstool init
  • wstool merge [address]
  • wstool update

Now, when I try westool merge with the following file: wstool merge

I get the following error:

ERROR in config: Invalid multiproject yaml format in in "<file>", line 7, column 19

A few points here:

  • It does not seem that the line 7, column 19 points to anything I can figure out.
  • I have tried going over this file multiple times trying to figure out if there are any small mistakes and I can't find anything.
  • If I just copy the contents of the file into a local birl_baxter.rosinstall file and then call wstool update IT WORKS. The output below is obtained with wstool info if I copy the contents manually:

workspace: /media/vmrguser/sdd/ros/indigo/birl_baxter_ws/src

Localname S SCM Version (Spec) UID (Spec) URI (Spec) [http(s)://...] ---------
- --- -------------- ----------- --------------------------- birl_baxter_wiki git master bba17767ba05 birl_sensors git master 68002e8ab082 birl_baxter_worlds git master 89a310a39f9e birl_baxter_vision git master ac6b6776b216 birl_baxter_tools git master c96785268756 birl_baxter_recorded_motions git master ed05ddf0e0af birl_baxter_msgs git master 3fb7faa7bb38 birl_baxter_matlab git master 9cf0165b4f8c birl_baxter_images git master 383a8c428bdf birl_baxter_hands git master 6d88ca03a51b birl_baxter_executive git master 839f854ab3a2 birl_baxter_examples git master b99fb7e3bc37 birl_baxter_demos git master 84f109b8f308 birl_baxter_controllers git master a5914da2a7ec birl_baxter_common git master 769c4676a999 birl_baxter git master 45717b2422fd

Does anyone have an insight into this?

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2 Answers

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answered 2016-12-02 07:13:20 -0500

mgruhler gravatar image

You are fetching the HTML page, not the raw .rosinstall file. Use the following URL and it should work fine:

You get this by clicking the RAW button at the top of the file on github.

If you use wget PATH you can see what you have as input to wstool

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perfect, thanks it works for me

bhavyawadhwa gravatar image bhavyawadhwa  ( 2022-07-05 06:23:57 -0500 )edit

answered 2016-12-02 07:13:14 -0500

gvdhoorn gravatar image

updated 2016-12-02 07:16:30 -0500

Now, when I try westool merge with the following file: wstool merge

That won't work, as you're not merging the file, but the Github HTML rendering of that file in your repository.


wstool merge

note the raw in there somewhere.

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