moveit setup assistant wrong

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when i click the moveit setup assistant "browse" --create new moveit configuration package . the in the teminal it infers me that

(moveit_setup_assistant:19321): Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to read filechooser settings from "/home/aicrobo/.config/gtk-2.0/gtkfilechooser.ini": 权限不够"

when i chose the pr2 urdf and load it it would return

[ INFO] [1480407306.421138590]: Loading robot model 'pr2'...
[ INFO] [1480407306.421158724]: No root joint specified. Assuming fixed joint
================================================================================REQUIRED process [moveit_setup_assistant-1] has died!
process has died [pid 19321, exit code -11, cmd /opt/ros/indigo/lib/moveit_setup_assistant/moveit_setup_assistant __name:=moveit_setup_assistant __log:=/home/aicrobo/.ros/log/356dcc36-b607-11e6-adb9-3c46d8d45c24/moveit_setup_assistant-1.log].
log file: /home/aicrobo/.ros/log/356dcc36-b607-11e6-adb9-3c46d8d45c24/moveit_setup_assistant-1*.log
Initiating shutdown!
[moveit_setup_assistant-1] killing on exit
shutting down processing monitor...
... shutting down processing monitor complete

vertion ubuntu 14.04+indigo i have instaled pr2-full

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Are you using VMWare Player / Virtual Box to run Ubuntu?

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2016-11-29 02:27:39 -0500 )edit