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Create_autonomy stops reacting

asked 2016-10-20 06:43:02 -0500

gijsje170 gravatar image

I am currently using create_autonomy with my Virtual machine . I have ROS hydro installed with create autonomy. But after running it for severel minutes on my roomba 780 I won't be able to send any more cmd_vel messages. Basically the roomba will just continue to move in the last given direction. Is there a simple solution to this problem or could it be caused by the virtual machine for instance?

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answered 2016-10-21 14:00:52 -0500

jacobperron gravatar image

AFAIK, the robot base will latch the latest command received, regardless of the status of the serial connection. For example, if the cable is disconnected mid-operation or the driver is not shutdown properly the robot will continue to execute the latest velocity command. I would double check that the cable you are using is not loose. It could very well be a virtual machine related issue, but I cannot say for sure.

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So good news it works perfectly fine when using raspberry so again it has something to do with virtual machine being unable to use USB ports properly.

gijsje170 gravatar image gijsje170  ( 2016-10-26 09:31:08 -0500 )edit

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