Lisp/swi-prolog/ROS connectivity. Anybody?

asked 2016-09-22 09:08:54 -0600

toddcpierce gravatar image

Hi Crew,

Once again, I am here asking questions that have no business being asked of ROS people, but hey, ROS happens to be a wonderful message passing interface... even if you aren´t using it for robots.

The situation on my end is that I am writing an AI in Lisp (going fine, by the way) but there is a lot of reasoning (about biology, specifically) that happens in Prolog. In fact, it´s reasoning I´d prefer didn´t happen on my computer at all. Why not pass the biological (or other prolog reasoning) off to another machine entirely? ROS is proving to be a good MPI, but I am noticing that the KnowRob infrastructure may not be keeping up with new versions of ROS.

And heck, it isn´t like I have a robot that has to reason about a livingroom anyway.

What minimal source code would I need to exploit the capability of Lisp (I can port it to SBCL) to Prolog utilizing ROS connectivity? And considering this is ROS, I am certain there would be a build process involved. Furthermore, I would like to stay within the normal ROS standards (as if I had a choice) about building nodes.

Dreadfully sorry to start your day with questions like this. Any advice is appreciated.



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