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Can it be detected when messages are dropped from publishing and subscriber queues

asked 2016-09-12 16:34:10 -0500

chukcha2 gravatar image

According to ROS Documentation Publisher and Subscriber queue_size argument controls the queue message size for publishers and subscribers. It also says that if a queue gets fulls, oldest messages will be dropped. Is there a way to find out when messages are dropped? Is there a way to know how full are the queues are?

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answered 2016-09-12 23:39:07 -0500

ahendrix gravatar image

The publish and subscribe queues are both per-subscriber.

The topics page describes the Topic Statistics feature which measures topic frequency, bandwidth and dropped messages, and from the message definition it looks like those statistics are per-connection. I haven't used these myself, but you should be able to view the topic statistics in rqt_graph

You may also want to read the paper that was written when the topic statistics feature was added.

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