Problems integrating external packages

asked 2016-08-30 07:13:54 -0500

ipa-hsd gravatar image

I am trying to use vigir's ContinuousReplanningCapability in my existing code. For that I downloaded and compiled only the packages specific to that :

vigir_move_group, vigir_moveit_utils, vigir_plan_execution

and a couple more. I did not change any of my code (apart from adding the new capability in move_group.launch), nor did I launch any of the new packages. I see the capability coming up in the

MoveGroup using: move_group/ContinuousReplanningCapability.

Also I see the gazebo_ros_control plugin being loaded. but strangely enough I keep getting the error :

Controller Spawner couldn't find the expected controller_manager ROS interface.

I deleted all the new packages and removed the move_group/ContinuousReplanningCapability entry from the move_group.launch, but the error won't go. I tried the same thing on a different computer where my existing code was already running fine, but I noticed the same behaviour when I catkin_make the new packages. I also copied my original code in a new workspace, still the error persisted.

How are the new packages interfering with my existing code? I have other workspaces running fine on my computer, so there isn't any problem with my ROS installation. Can anyone please help me out?

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