Mobile robot with fixed kinect - Navigation with/without AMCL?

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Currently I have a dif_wheeled_robot and a kinect inside Gazebo (these are separate "robots", not connected by any joint). The diff_wheeled_robot has it's own scanner, has an AMCL launch made etc. I can navigate it around, and while moving if I put an obstacle in front of it, it will go around it. The kinect has a depthimage_to_laserscan node, so it's basically a laser scanner.

My goal is to make the diff_wheeled use the kinect's scan data to navigate instead of it's own hokuyo scanner, which is attached to it.

(basically I want to navigate the robot around, but with a scanner that's in a fixed position. In reality I can't put the kinect on my robot, but I still want my robot to avoid (dynamic) obstacles based on what the kinect sees).

AMCL wants scan data from the /scan topic, and that part is alright, the kinect sends data on that topic. The problem is, the AMCL wants a base_frame_id and an odom_frame_id, so it can connect the robot frame to the odom, and do it's computing and stuff, but my kinect isn't connected to either of these.

(in the tf tree, the diff_wheeled_robot and the kinect is separate. The diff_wheeled_robot's base_footprint connects to the odom, and that connects to the map. The kinect's root ends at it's own base_footprint_kinect)

If I disable the diff_wheeled's hokuyo, then the AMCL will throw this:

[ WARN] [1469782994.436635986, 36.386000000]: Timed out waiting for transform from base_footprint to map to become available before running costmap, tf error: . canTransform returned after 0.103 timeout was 0.1.

My question: Is it possible to use AMCL/Gmapping and navigation with a mobile robot and a detached/fixed kinect (not fixed to the mobile robot)?

If yes, how?

If no, then am I able to use the ros move_base navigation without AMCL? (so use navigation and collision avoidance with the same setup, on the fly. The obstacles are not static)

Than you.

Update #1: Okay, it seems like not the AMCL is the one throwing the warning, but the move_base. Still, no idea how to solve it. Maybe the better question is, can I use move_base with my setup?

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