ROS package to communicate with Arduino over Ethernet

asked 2016-07-25 11:18:53 -0500

hardy gravatar image

Hi Everyone .

I am currently using ROS Serial libraries for communicating between the Arduino and my PC(using Ubuntu 14.04). I plan to shift from Serial communication to Ethernet based communication so that my data transfer between the Arduino and the PC is more reliable. I am using a Ethernet Shield on the arduino. Please find the link below for the ethernet shield.

I can communicate with the PC and send normal strings of data. So, the basic communication between the arduino and PC via Ethernet is established.

However, I am using ROS and have multiple publisher/subscribers in my arduino code that are receiving and sending data over ROS ( sensor_msgs etc.). So, is there any package/library similar to Rosserial_arduino and Rosserial that i can use and have similar subscriber publisher which I currently have using serial communication.

Please let me know if the questions isn't clear or specific . I can explain in more detail.

I would really appreciate your help.

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