Launch python extension build with catkin_make

asked 2016-07-25 09:35:23 -0500

changeyourstrings gravatar image

Hello guys,

trying to solve this problem slowly drives me crazy.

|    CMakeLists.txt     ------+ should run that in`s directory as working dir
|    package.xml              |
|        ...                  |
|    python_pkg/              |
|    |        v
|    |         <--------- builds extensions using cython, distutils and sources below
|    |    sub_pkg_1/
|    |       ...
|    |    sub_pkg_N/

As the picture shows, i am trying to include the python script that builds some python extensions into some shared libs. However, no matter how i play around using catkin_python_setup() or the install command, it won't work. I have also tried to use CMake's execute_process but it does nothing.

Has anyone an idea how to do that right?

best regards

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