ROS+RPLIDAR +pipeline = 3D

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Hi, I need some help. I have to do 3D scan using RPLidar 360 but... for this moment I know i have to make some external system and connect it with a SIMPLE stepping motor. This is my task and i have to do this in this kind of way. I have already done 2D slam, I can generate point cloud from my scans and turn it in to right way(the scanner will be mounted horizontally). My problem is.... I will control my motor by some simple ATmega (8A possibly) so I know how fast it will rotate. I have to modify my files(propablly in laser_pipeline), because I thought... if I know how fast my scanner will rotate I could simply enter this data to my program to rotate every next line in my cloud. What do you think about that idea? Does someone have any idea how to do this? I have been trying to do this for last week...

PS. I know I can do this by IMU and it will be much simplier but i can't do this :P

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Mike Lam

CB3D gravatar image CB3D  ( 2018-03-28 21:05:57 -0600 )edit