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Connect Arduino with ROS (Ubuntu) via wifi

asked 2016-07-02 15:04:37 -0500

naqi.nick gravatar image

hello i have previously connected my ROS (Ubuntu) with an arduino uno via bluetooth and publish data from the arduino and view it by using rostopic echo but now i want to do the same thing but by using wifi i want to connect my arduino with a wifi router and communicate with ROS via wifi how can i do that... i seriously need help to get my project done

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answered 2016-07-03 05:24:12 -0500

Nexus8 gravatar image


If you plan to use WiFi you will have to make sure that you can ping all components on the network. In other words, properly set up your network. I would say there must be a set up guide for the Arduino/shield on the web to do so.

Then, start sending UDP packages (or the protocol that suits your application) from your Arduino to one node in ROS.


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