Android cannot display compressedimage feed from kinect?

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Hi all. I am running ROS indigo on ubuntu 14.04. I have been attempting to stream compressedimage sensor messages from my xbox kinect using openni_camera to my Android device where i would hope to view them. I have used a multitude of apps to try to achieve video streaming: ROS teleop (indigo), ROS image viewer, and ROS control. However none of these apps will display the video from the /camera/rgb/image_color/compressed topic. I have made sure to set both ROS_IP and ROS_HOSTNAME on the computer connected to the kinect but that did not fix my problem. In the ROS control app you can set the compressedimage topic that it will subscribe to, however in the other two you cannot, for those two I used topic_tools relay and i also tried image_transport republish to forward the compressed topic to the correct subscribed topic. none of this was successful. When i use rqt_graph to see how the nodes and topics are set up, the android device is subscribing from the kinects published topic in the nodes/topics (all) view within rqt_graph, but they are unnattached in the nodes/topics(active) view. I have confirmed that the kinect is publishing the images properly using rviz and image_view to visualize the compressedimage messages from the image_color/compressed topic, I have used rostopic info on the /camera/rgb/image_color/compressed topic and this is what i see: thomas@thomas-ThinkPad-X230:~$ rostopic info /camera/rgb/image_color/compressed Type: sensor_msgs/CompressedImage

Publishers: * /camera/camera_nodelet_manager ( http://thomas-ThinkPad-X230:38221/ )

Subscribers: * /android/robot_controller ( )

This is the same scenario for all apps that I have tried. I would greatly appreciate any ideas or thoughts about how i could resolve my issue!

links to apps:

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