The keyframe in Tracking::Relocalization

asked 2016-06-11 09:04:24 -0500

xiqing gravatar image


I want to get the keyframe id in relocalization(). Now I know in the Tracking::Relocalization(), we can get the keyframe " vector vpCandidateKFs = mpKeyFrameDB->DetectRelocalizationCandidates(&mCurrentFrame);".

Then define " for (auto cf: vpCandidateKFs)", I can get "cf->mnId". Then I find that in the map i have only197 keyframes, but the cf->mnId maybe 800 or any other numbers bigger than 197. Why?? Is it related to the DBow2?? Buy the way i create a map first and then reload it using for location.

Thank you very much for your answer!!!

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