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Angular velocity in the state vector

asked 2016-06-02 19:12:43 -0500

sanabria gravatar image


Just want to clarify what is the definition of the angular velocity in the state vector.

Is it the actual angular rates that are typically measured by the IMU's gyros in the IMU frame, or is it the derivative of the euler angles?

As it's known, these are not the same and I wanna make sure, since my IMU provides the first one but from the documentation it seems that the filter expects the second one.


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answered 2016-06-15 03:44:36 -0500

Tom Moore gravatar image

The angular velocity in the state vector is the instantaneous angular velocity about the X, Y, and Z axes in the robot's body (base_link) frame. If your IMU frame is aligned (oriented) with the base_link frame, then the data provided by your gyros - provided that your IMU produces data in the ENU frame - will be correct. If you have your IMU mounted on its side, for example, then that will need to be reflected in your base_link->imu tf transform.

What part of the documentation leads you to believe otherwise? I'll have a look at it.

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