ros control simultaneously run hardware and gazebo

asked 2016-05-31 21:15:50 -0600

lonewolf gravatar image

I would like to run both the hardware and gazebo simultaneously so that I can see the movements of the arm. Suppose if i run just the hardware, I have the ros control loop printing the rate and I get the output as ros.manipulator_driver.//leftarm: Hz250.321

But If I run both the hardware and gazebo I get ros.manipulator_driver.//leftarm: Hz750.321. So I am not sure as to what is going on.

I am currently running the robot in the global namespace and gazebo in simulator namespace. I think there is something fishy going on because I also cannot run the joint trajectory action of the hardware as it throws an error saying Unexpected exception caught when initializing trajectory from ROS message data

I am using gazebo just to visualize the arm movement, would it be possible to do the same in RVIZ?

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