Linearity of Turtlebot 2 (Kobuki base)

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I want to analyse the effect of sending differents values of linear.x to Turtlebot2 (using Twist message from terminal using rostopic pub ...).

I measure speed vs linear.x and it seems that I got 2 parts. A line for linear.x between 0 and 0.7 and another rate of slope for values of linear.x between 0.9 and 1.6.

So my question is this one: does a limit exist for linear.x on the Turtlebot2 ? Does this command drive directly the speed ? What is the expected characteristics of speed vs linear.x on Turtlebot 2 ?

Thanks for help.

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Noboby tries to see linearity of linear velocity on turtlebot 2 (speed vs linear.x using Twist) ?


goupil35000 gravatar image goupil35000  ( 2016-05-29 22:06:51 -0600 )edit

AFAIK, linear.x is the linear velocity just want in the X axis, and then I guess the turtlebot controller tries to do its best to reach it. When i worked with turtlebot2 I didn't study that linearity, but I had no problems reaching the commanded velocity (note max. in specifications is 0.7m/s)

Javier V. Gómez gravatar image Javier V. Gómez  ( 2016-05-30 02:48:55 -0600 )edit