ROS indigo - 2D SLAM with laser scanner hokuyo urg-04lx

asked 2016-05-20 03:44:52 -0500

rafalb gravatar image

Hi everyone,

I use ROS recently. I have problem during the create map. To build a map I need base_scan and tf (tf/tfMessage.msg) from odometry, but from all publisher I get tf (tf2/tfMessage.msg). With this tf(2) i can't create a map. I was looking for a solution, but I didnt't find something siginificant. My questions are: 1. How I create map with tf2 or how I can change the tf2 to tf ? 2. Which SLAM I should choose for my project?

My project is connection odometry from encoders with laser scanner to mapping and localization. I have a paterrn of real map.

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