Moving laser frame causing problem

asked 2016-05-13 11:40:02 -0600

b2meer gravatar image

I am using lidar lite v2 with gmapping. The lidar is rotated using a motor. To incorporate moving lidar, I have applied transform from lidar frame i.e base_laser to base_link is using a variable angle which is sent by the lidar motor. It works perfectly fine as I can see the lidar frame constantly rotating in Rviz. But, due to this, the transform from map to odom or base_link keeps changing constantly which causes the map frame to move constantly in Rviz while all other frames are stationary (except base_laser). When I use a non_varying/constant transform from base_laser to base_link (as if the lidar was stationary), then it works fine and the map frame does not float in Rviz (or in other words, transform from map to odom/base_link does'not change). Any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks.

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