removing rqt_gui.ini causes image_view segfault

asked 2016-05-12 11:09:51 -0500

takahashi gravatar image

I have written a simple node that captures the videostream of an USB webcam using OpenCV and publishes the frames. So far, it always worked to display the frames in the rqt_image_view plugin.

However, when I remove the ~/.config/ file and rebuild the catkin workspace, the plugin crashes with a segfault as soon as I select the frame topic. Strange enough, if I revert to the old rqt_gui.ini file (lucky that I made a copy of before removing it), the image_view plugin works again. I suspect that this is a problem of OpenCV 2 and 3, but I can not infer the relation to the rqt_gui.ini file.

Does anybody have an idea, what is going on here?

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