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Implementing Target Tracking on a boat

asked 2016-04-17 02:33:29 -0500

Morteza gravatar image

Hi everyone,

I am trying to design and implement a target tracking system on a boat and I am searching to find a suitable sensor to do this. As you know we can not use Kinect outdoors. another option is stereo camera but i am not sure if it works properly or what is the range of detection of target with stereo camera. I would appreciate any help in finding a good approach.

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2 Answers

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answered 2016-04-18 06:33:35 -0500

The (usable) depth range of a stereo camera is directly related to the baseline, resolution and lenses employed. Here is a online calculator that could be helpful for computing/playing around with different parameters.

Using a Kinect (v1) outdoors is not a good idea, but it seems like Kinect V2 and Intel R200 provide some robustness to outdoor lighting conditions.

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Thank you. Based on my search it seems that kinect V2 is not good in daylight but it has acceptable results in cloudy and shadow cases. It seems that Stereo is the best choice. I will state the practical tests results right here under this question.

Morteza gravatar image Morteza  ( 2016-04-21 06:26:11 -0500 )edit

answered 2016-04-17 08:36:06 -0500

duck-development gravatar image

Stereo is usable. Maybe the intel f200 woerks and a thermocamera is usable too

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Thanks for your response. Now the question is that can we extract depth information from a thermal camera. And if we use stereo camera how far objects we can detect (i mean how much is the detection range of stereo camera).

Morteza gravatar image Morteza  ( 2016-04-17 09:27:23 -0500 )edit

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