Stdr simulator crashes from controlling robots?

asked 2016-04-10 13:49:45 -0500

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Dear: Ros community You should know I am using ros indigo and I am using stdr simulator for ros indigo and I am running into a problem where every time I manipulate a robot with gui the stdr simulator crashes. I am using ubuntu and can I please have some help? It only happens when I move a robot or try to delete a robot. My computer I think has 2 or 3 gb of ram but I am not sure if that is helpful. Thanks!!! From: Noah

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Hi! this question is super old... hope you fixed your problem. Did you? If not, I noticed that STDR crashes when it receives a second map (nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid msg)

jorge gravatar image jorge  ( 2017-10-18 17:35:34 -0500 )edit