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Can't change minimum laser range with asus xtion pro

asked 2016-03-31 17:33:25 -0500

pgigioli gravatar image

I'm using an asus xtion pro camera with a turtlebot 2 and I noticed that it only registers scans that are at least 0.45 meters away even though the edge of the robot is around 0.3 meters. I changed the parameter value for "/depthimage_to_laserscan/range_min" to 0.2 but this has no effect on how close it detects obstacles.

How can I change the minimum laser range?

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-03-31 20:36:06 -0500

In my experience, the Asus Xtion Pro itself has a minimum range of 0.5 meters (actually the official specifications say the minimum range is 0.8 meters) so it is not a problem with the depth_image_to_laserscan parameters.

If you need to see obstacles closer than 0.5 meters away you will need a different sensor.

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Okay, I just verified this, thanks! This is a huge hardware limitation especially for autonomous gmapping.

pgigioli gravatar image pgigioli  ( 2016-04-01 11:39:57 -0500 )edit

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