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asked 2016-03-27 13:51:01 -0600

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Hello, I have created my own ros msg file and am using it in my code. When i use the following code, std_msgs::String msg;

std::stringstream ss;
ss << "hello world " << count; = ss.str();

it says ss wasn't declared in this scope. I have used data as a member of the string i created in the msg file. Please tell me what am i missing?

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Why stringstream? According to you should use std::string . Please post answers with full code and with the .msg section too. Moreover, this seems to me a C++ issue, not a ROS related one...

Augusto Luis Ballardini gravatar image Augusto Luis Ballardini  ( 2016-03-27 14:15:26 -0600 )edit