Aproximate Time jitter for rosserial ardunio

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Hi all,

i am thinking about a setup with two high level PC-like machines and two arduinos connected, one arduino connected to each computer via rosserial. The first arduino would access sensors, sync with first PC and send data to first PC. The first PC processes the sensor-data and sends processed data to second PC. The second PC takes some decisions based on the processed data how to move some actuator and sends the movement commands to the second ardunio. The second arduino then controls the movements of the actuator to be according to the received commands.

The PCs are time-sync'ed via NTP. According to my experience this results in time jitters in the range of 10 ms or better between the PCs. I have found that clients connected via rosserial do also somehow sync with their host PC, see https://github.com/ros-drivers/rosser... However, I have no experience on the time jitter of this syncronization. Does anyone else have? In order for making my approach working I have to be sure that the clock jitter between of the first arduino and the second arduino is less than approx. 30 ms. Is this realistic, or will I have to set up an additional wired direct connection between both microcontrollers in order for synchronizing them?

Thank you for your help!

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