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Fail to make hector_gazebo_thermal_camera

asked 2016-03-15 23:10:01 -0500

pcler gravatar image

Recently I am building hector_quadrotor( package. It needs another package named hector_gazebo_thermal_camera(inside ).

Using catkin_make, the building is successful on X86-Ubuntu14.04-Indigo, but failed on ARMv7l-Ubuntu14.04-Indigo. The error message is showed below:

[ 13%] Generating dynamic reconfigure files from cfg/GazeboRosThermalCamera.cfg: /home/chris/ros_ws/devel/include/hector_gazebo_thermal_camera/GazeboRosThermalCameraConfig.h /home/chris/ros_ws/devel/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/hector_gazebo_thermal_camera/cfg/
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/chris/ros_ws/src/hector_gazebo/hector_gazebo_thermal_camera/cfg/GazeboRosThermalCamera.cfg", line 5, in <module>
    from driver_base.msg import SensorLevels
ImportError: No module named msg
make[2]: *** [/home/chris/ros_ws/devel/include/hector_gazebo_thermal_camera/GazeboRosThermalCameraConfig.h] Error 1
make[1]: *** [hector_gazebo/hector_gazebo_thermal_camera/CMakeFiles/hector_gazebo_thermal_camera_gencfg.dir/all] Error 2
make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....

P.S. It is hard to install dependencies into ARM platform. Because most of them don't provide the ARM versions. I built a lot of dependencies from source. Will this error is leaded by the dependency mistaking installed?

Thank you for helping me out!

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answered 2016-03-16 02:16:02 -0500

mgruhler gravatar image

It is missing the driver_base package see here.

Have you installed this?

If you have cloned but not yet built this package (or if they are in the same ROS workspace), it might also be that the messages are not yet created due to a not properly configured CMakeLists.txt. Try installing the driver_base package first.

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Thank you for your reply! I have download the driver_base source and placed it inside the ROS workspace. There has been a command "find_package(catkin REQUIRED COMPONENTS nodelet image_transport dynamic_reconfigure driver_base gazebo_plugins)" in the CMakeLists of hector_gazebo_thermal_camera

pcler gravatar image pcler  ( 2016-03-16 05:05:41 -0500 )edit

I use "catkin_make --pkg driver_base" to pre-build the pkg. But it doesn't work

pcler gravatar image pcler  ( 2016-03-16 05:09:03 -0500 )edit

the error actually states that there is the Python msg module in base_driver missing. This can e.g. happen, when the packages are not built in the correct order. Can you check if /home/chris/ros_ws/devel/lib/python2.7/dist-packages contains the respective msg in the base_driver folder?

mgruhler gravatar image mgruhler  ( 2016-03-16 05:28:21 -0500 )edit

Yes, I can find the relative .py file of the message now. Now it seems that the pre-build of driver_base succeeded! Thank you so much!

pcler gravatar image pcler  ( 2016-03-16 09:39:39 -0500 )edit

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