distcc-pump on raspberry pi A+

asked 2016-01-12 18:57:09 -0500

veverak gravatar image

Hi folks

I wanted to run ros jade on raspbian-jessie .... so I've got into situation where I need to compile entire ros and figured out I can't really do it on rpi A+... so I was able to setup distcc with my laptop which works quite well....

but it seems that for some packages A+ is not able to do even the linking part.... and due to catkisn massive use of CPATH I am not able to setup distcc-pump mode :/ (it refuses to work with CPATH being set)

any ideas about how to be able to create ros workspace on raspberry pi A+? only thing that I am left with is propably only running rpi a+ image in virtual with much more RAM

P.S: crosscompiling everything seems as big hassle because I am missing arm dist-dependencies on the machine that tries to crosscompile it P.P.S: I've got most of the stuff in makefile: http://git.veverak.org/tote.git/blob/...

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