ROS Application Chooser exception error

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Currently I want to use the ROS applications from the android marketplace(ROS App Chooser and Teleop) to control turtlebot. but I had some problems trying to connect to the turtlebot. 1. Connect the Android phone to the same wifi access point that the TurtleBot is connected to. 2. Start TurtleBot as it's documented in the TurtleBot Bringup tutorial. 3. launch App Chooser in my android phone. 4. click "Add a robot" 5. On "Enter master URI" field, type my TurtleBot IP http://TURTLEBOT_IP:11311 then my TurtleBot appeared as a known robot. 6. choose my turtlebot to connect, My problem starts and I get the following error message from android phone. Error! Failed: cannot contact robot:org.ros.exception.RemoteException: org.ros.exception.ServiceNotFoundException: No such service /turtlebot/list_apps of type app_manager/ListApps And the following error message from turtlebot: What's the problem? how to resolve?

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my turtlebot is with ros indigo, is there the version problem?

carriewang gravatar image carriewang  ( 2016-01-12 00:47:07 -0500 )edit

is the problem about message type not match?

carriewang gravatar image carriewang  ( 2016-01-12 02:13:15 -0500 )edit