Rviz: clicking a TF to align the robot TCP?

asked 2015-12-21 10:38:53 -0500

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I'm looking for a way to define new motions in our applications, in a user friendly way.

We have large scenes with lots of TF published for the various parts and toolings. I'd like to easily "teach" moveit to move to a given TF from the user interface. Today Rviz allows to move the interractive markers and plan and execute the motion. But the marker is moved by hand. There is (to my knowledge, and we still are in Hydro...) no way to ask it to "snap" to a given TF... Is it correct?

So, I'm looking for solutions or ideas about how we could obtain something like in all the CAD design tools: Align with Axis X of frame Toto. Align with Axis Y(reverse direction) of frame Tata, and align with Axis X of frame Tutu (But at a distance of 5cm along Axis Y of Tutu)... Don't try to figure out motion I'm saying, it's pure invention for the example.

And this I'd like to do it in Rviz and graphicaly: we can already specify easily by code the moveIt goal to be a given pose in a specific Frame but not in a "user friendly" way... (interractive or in Rviz)

Thanks for any experience, pointers or inputs. Damien

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