Qt creator and simple qt package (ui_main_window.h not found)

asked 2015-12-16 15:04:40 -0500

Gianpaolo gravatar image


I am trying to set up my Qt Creator IDE to work with ROS qt packages. I have installed ROS Indigo and Qt 3.2.2 (opensource). I created a package in my catkin workspace with the command "catkin_create_qt_pkg qtest". So the name of the new package is "qtest". I opened Qt Creator (with the launcher indicated on the website) and I imported the package by selecting its CMakeLists.txt as a project file. I ran cmake, I built and ran the code. It works. Then, I wanted to modify the main window of the package in the design section and when I try to go to some slot I get the following error massage:

No documents matching "ui_main_window.h" could be found. Rebuilding the project might help.

I have rebuilt the project several times, but it does not work. Any help? Thank you.

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