Connecting to Dalsa Camera with ROS

asked 2015-12-11 10:37:45 -0500

Benjamin.Nilson gravatar image

I've been trying to get a Dalsa Genie TS-M4096 camera to work with ROS. I'm currently using the camera_aravis drivers to talk with the camera. However, I'm running into an issue where I cannot adjust the exposure time. When I try to do that I get an error saying "Camera does not support ExposureTimeAbs".

Has anyone ever worked with a Dalsa camera with any drivers and successfully been able to get images from it?

Thanks all for your assistance,

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I also have the same problem,Is there a solution to the problem´╝čthanks!

JACK163 gravatar image JACK163  ( 2021-11-05 02:09:42 -0500 )edit