Openhaptics for phantom omni device in ROS. Is the developer edition of the openhaptics compatible with ROS?

asked 2015-11-24 22:53:53 -0500

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Is the developer edition compatible with ROS? Actually, I am trying to integrate phantom omni device in ROS in a ubuntu pc for the haptic feedback and for that i need the driver of this device but i can not find it in the developer edition so that i could not integrate the phantom omni device.

May be i am making a mistake but i think that for integrating the phantom omni device in ROS i should have the academic edition.

Can you help me in this? do you have any idea? May be i can have the academic edition to fullfil my objectives.

Thank you!

Here is the link for the integration of the phantom omni in ROS:

Thank you!

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