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Can't run camera_uvc package on jade

asked 2015-11-21 11:25:19 -0500

master_19 gravatar image

Hi, I had a problem building and running the . I would need a stereo camera driver providing 2 images and 2 camera_info messages on Jade. I found camrea_uvc, I tried building the camera_uvc from source using this guide: , the rosdep install part failed with "missing resource". But if I use catkin_make, it checks the dependencies, right? Catkin_make is successful: [100%] B[100%] Built target uvc_stereo_node. But after i try to launch it, it fails: "ERROR: cannot launch node of type [uvc_camera/camera_node]: can't locate node [camera_node] in package [uvc_camera]" Is this an installation problem? Can you link me some tutorials about building packages from source? Thank you in advance!

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answered 2015-11-21 20:35:31 -0500

joq gravatar image
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