NXT Teleop Not Working [closed]

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I am trying to follow this tutorial: http://library.isr.ist.utl.pt/docs/ro...

I have changed all the parameters to match the names of my robot's motors.

This is my .yaml file:

  • nxt_robot:
    • type: motor name: Motor_B port: PORT_B desired_frequency: 10.0
    • type: motor name: Motor_C port: PORT_C desired_frequency: 10.0
    • type: motor name: Motor_A port: PORT_A desired_frequency: 10.0
    • type: touch frame_id: r_touch_link name: touch_sensor port: PORT_3 desired_frequency: 10.0
    • type: ultrasonic frame_id: r_ultrasonic_link name: ultrasonic_sensor port: PORT_2 spread_angle: 0.5 min_range: 0.01 max_range: 2.55 desired_frequency: 10.0
    • type: color frame_id: l_color_link name: color_sensor port: PORT_1 desired_frequency: 5.0

I don't know why it's not working. Any help will be greatly appreciated, as I am new to ROS and don't know too much.

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