adding own sensor to robot_pose_ekf

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Hi all,

I am using robot_pose_ekf to fuse data from rotary encoders and IMU and it seems to be working pretty good. Then, I am adding another sensor to improve indoor localization. I am getting the pose(x and y) and the yaw of the robot using two such sensors on the robot in the base_footprint frame and I use that information to generate a nav_msgs/Odometry message which is published on the /vo topic which is the third topic to which robot_pose_ekf subscribes. Once I do that, the performance of robot_pose_ekf is bad and the pose of the robot keeps on changing and jumping in RVIZ although the physical robot is not moving.

I am following this and this post. From different posts (including this), I have realized people are having difficulties in integrating GPS with robot_pose_ekf and the sensor which I am using is similar to GPS in the sense that it gives absolute values unlike rotary encoders and IMU. But I am just generating a nav_msgs/odometry message and publishing it on /vo topic for robot_pose_ekf and I have specified correct covariance values ( I hope): 0.001 for x,y,yaw and 99999 for roll, pitch and z and the performance of robot_pose_ekf is really bad. Also from different posts, I have noticed that robot_localization package might be a better way to go. But it might take some time for me to set it up and therefore I was hoping if I could set my third sensor and run it using robot_pose_ekf before eventually moving to robot_localization.

Does anyone have any idea how can I efficiently integrate my third sensor which publishes nav_msgs/Odometry message on /vo topic with robot_pose_ekf? Any help will be appreciated.
Let me know if you need more information from my side.

Thanks in advance.
Naman Kumar

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