is there a trajectory planner for 3d ?

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I try to do autonomous flights and therefore i need the navigation stack. But i found only for 2d navigation. Do someone have an idea of other nodes which could help me? I am using Asctec Pelican. For the localisation in the plane i have an Hokuyo laserscanner. For meassuring the height i have an Ultrasonic Sensor. I am using a waypoint server and a waypoint client from the asctec_mav_framework. But there is only one possibility to fly to Points by typing the goal in by hand. The copter is flying to the position and stops. After he finished it is possible to give a new goal position. I want to do it like in much videos seen for 2D navigations. Is there any package which could help me or do i have to write it on my own ?

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Hi Eddy!

Did you manage to solve your problem? I am trying to do the same thing! What do you use to merge your 2d localization and the height measurement?

Regarding the 3d path planning, you can have a look at 3d_navigation, using sbpl or Moveit! solutions. Haven't succeed for the moment!

quentin gravatar image quentin  ( 2015-12-14 23:55:14 -0500 )edit